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          BlueROV2 Assembly
          Get your BlueROV2 built quickly with this assembly guide!
          BlueROV2 Software Setup
          Get your BlueROV2 connected to a topside computer, the vehicle updated, and joystick properly calibrated!
          BlueROV2 Operation
          Learn how to operate your newly built BlueROV2!
          Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) Usage Guide
          Learn how to quickly get your BlueROV2 connected with the FXTI!

          All Guides and Tutorials

          Finding Replacement Screws for Blue Robotics Products

          A reference for finding replacement screws.

          Outland Technology Power Supply BlueROV2 Integration

          Convert your BlueROV2 to use a topside power supply instead of batteries.

          Which Underwater Robotics Competition is Right for You?

          Explore the many opportunities to compete in an underwater robotics competition!

          Watertight Enclosure (WTE) Assembly (New)

          Learn how to quickly assemble a watertight enclosure!

          Control the Basic ESC with the Arduino Serial Monitor

          This guide will show you how to use the Arduino serial monitor to control the Basic ESC.

          Understanding and Using Scanning Sonars

          Learn how to interpret scanning sonar imagery and how to use it on ROVs with this guide.

          Blue Robotics Connector Standard (Beta)

          The Blue Robotics Connector Standard describes recommend pin configurations for various connectors and protocol types. These are used in our products to maximize inter-compatibility.

          Control the Basic ESC with a Potentiometer and Arduino

          This guide will show you how to use a potentiometer and an Arduino to control the Basic ESC.

          What is an Underwater ROV?

          Learn about underwater ROVs and how they are used in science, education, exploration, and commercial applications!

          Ping Echosounder Sonar User Manual

          Learn about the advanced functionality of the Ping Sonar!

          Changing Communications Interface on the Ping360

          Learn how to change the communications interfaces on the Ping360 for different applications.

          M200 Motor Disassembly/Re-Assembly

          Quickly disassemble an M200!

          M200 Motor Usage Guide

          Learn about different installation techniques, maintenance and troubleshooting for the M200 motor!

          Ping360 Installation Guide for the BlueROV2

          Learn how to install the Ping360 on your BlueROV2.

          SOS Leak Sensor with an Arduino

          Experiment with an Arduino sketch for the SOS Leak Sensor!

          Using the Ping Sonar with an Arduino

          Learn how to connect a Ping to an Arduino and get distance readings in the Serial Monitor.

          Water Linked BlueROV2 Integration

          Integrate the Water Linked Underwater GPS Developer Kit into your BlueROV2 to see where the ROV is on a map!

          Turning a Thruster On and Off with a Thruster Commander

          Learn how to control a thruster with an On/Off Switch!

          Viewing Celsius Temperature Sensor Readings on an ArduSub Vehicle

          Learn how to integrate a Celsius Temperature Sensor onto your ArduSub vehicle and view more accurate values!

          Viewing Bar30/Bar100 Depth and Temperature Readings on an ArduSub Vehicle

          Learn how to quickly view depth and temperature values from a BarXX series sensor using a Pixhawk and ArduSub!

          Ping Installation Guide for the BlueROV2

          This guide will show you how to install a Ping sonar on your BlueROV2 to view your altitude above the seafloor!

          Guide to Using the Bar30 with an Arduino

          Get started with the Bar30 Pressure/Depth Sensor and its Arduino library!

          Thimble use with Fathom Tether

          Learn how to securely attach the Fathom Tether to a subsea vehicle!

          Cable Repair Kit Guide

          Learn to use the Cable Repair Kit to make quick repairs to damaged cables and other leaks!