One of the finest platformers in the GBA library, and an excuse to replay the Nintendo puzzle platforming legend. A Wario Land 4 review. I finished recording for this video on the exact day rumors started as Nintendo filed patents for a bunch of games we knows are getting releases, plus WarioWare and Wario Land. Here's hoping those rumors are true. ► Uncompressed versions of the soundtrack taken from this playlist by Weario: █▌Support the Channel: ▐█ ►Patreon: ►Humble Affiliate Link: ►Green Man Gaming Affiliate Link: ■ Links: ■ ► Review playlist: ► Beyond Dead playlist: ► Thoughts On playlist: ► AboveUp on Twitter: ► AboveUp on Twitch: ► AboveUp's full stream VoD channel: ► Beyond Dead Steam Curator page: ► AboveUp Steam Usergroup: #Warioland4 #GBA #Retrogaming

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