SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE 8-BIT DUKE: Super Mario Land 2 may have been a great Mario game on the Nintendo Game Boy, but it's Super Mario Land 3 that really steals the show. Greedy, gross, and anything but wholesome, Wario stars in his first adventure in Wario Land. Not out to save a princess or the world, but to steal enough money to buy a castle that will put the goody-two-shoes Mario to shame. Wario Land ended the Super Mario Land series, but is one of the best games on the original Game Boy. Wario Land eventually became a series on its own, spawning more games on the handheld, and helped thrust Wario into many more of his own adventures for years to come. But all those greedy antics started here, with Wario's invasion of Kitchen Island and his thievery against the Brown Sugar Pirates. The 8-Bit Duke is produced and edited by Jonathan Williams. Follow on Twitter @_DukeWilliams Join Duke on recollections, reviews, and discussions about new and old-school games; from the fondly remembered to the overlooked, to even the weirdest or deepest in the realm of interactive video games. The 8-Bit Duke show is presented by Jonathan 'Duke' Williams.

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